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Originally Posted by elmuerte View Post
uhm... could be just me, but wasn't this a consulting gig for Fred, and not really a game he created?
Because Fred works at Ubisoft, why wouldn't Ubisoft publish the game rather than Eidos.

Anyway... the game looks interesting. Still looking for a new NDS game to play.
Well, this is doing the two years before he started at Ubisoft, as far as I can tell. But being a consultant is still part of making a game. In fact, it seems to me, that for a good part, they were just Fred and the two other guys on the project, which means that that Fred played a HUGE part in this project.

As to why Ubisoft didn't pick the title, well, you'd have to ask those frog-lovi-... guys.

I think the graphics are awesome too. LBAWinOwns, did you mistake the game for a PC game?

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