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well the engine is not the problem ... I don't even know why people thought of that in the first place ... the BIGGEST (99%) part of the problem regarding me is time. Before, all I was doing was mostly nothing, leisure work, program games, have fun, play games, go training, etc. ... heck normal boy. But ever since I've started Uni, my life went DOOOWWWNNNHILLLLL regarding time. And take my words seriously when I say that I barely have time to eat 5-6 meals a week or sleep 10-12 hours (again, per week). Our engine at that time, DarkBasic was very very good for what we needed, coding went excellent on my side, Jasiek could use his MED tool in order to model all things, I could use FragMotion to export them to .MD2, I've already bought a collision system especially for DarkBasic (it's called Nuclear Glory) ... anyway it was the best "equipped" thing we've had in a long time ... the previous Conitec engine was also good but the scripting was a mess (I'm speaking on behalf of me now) and I didn't really like the lack of flexibility it offered ... I mean all u did was use predefined scripts or your own but still, u had tons of limitations ... anyway, all in all, the engine was A-OK except a few undocumented things which were driving me crazy at that time, but since then, that is fixed too thanks to the latest (and HUGE) update of the engine, which has the whole documentation suite rebuilt from scratch
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