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Yes, kinda catch-22. You need players to be there in order to play, in order to find out (hopefully) its fun, in order to get more, in order for players to be there!

I can think of a few ideas, but probably not that easy to implement;

a) If you could send a message to your friend even when they are offline. Like "hay! I'm here now and need an extra player". This would involve hocking up the same into some chat program standards.
The game would then send the (already signed up) player a link with the message, and clicking that link takes them (after login) straight to the mission page where their friend is waiting.
I dont think this would be an easy task but it might work, as lots of people stay signed into Gmail chat/Skype/MSN all day long.
How to tie a game into those chat systems I dont know. Should be possible, as I've seen it used for non-gaming sites (

b) Perhaps some subtle reward for just being logged in? Every hour or so?
I normally dont like this kinda brainless passive gameplay, but it could help keep people logged in.

c) Other incentives to log-in. If there was somehow different events, random features, areas only open on some days or hmz...something? This would be a continuous effort rather then a one-of development like the others, but could be the most powerful to keep people coming back.

Not sure any of these ideas are usefull. For sure, theres no quick-fixs I can think of.
Just need to get a threshold of active users.
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