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Originally Posted by BlazinBlack View Post
can anyone who bought the re-release tell me, if there's the same sound glitch as without gog (using dosbox and an original cd) ... i mean the glitch with like 30sec music and so low voices that you can't possibly hear them.
I've just bought it, but I never used dosbox, so I have no idea what you are talking about . If you explain how to reproduce that bug exactly I can check if it exists.

I almost always played the Windows version (except for a period very long time ago, when my harddisk died, so I ran from a startup diskette, created a ramdisk, and installed LBA 2 there (and it worked!)), since Win XP with the FunnyFrog's patch, and the car was working fine. I have played it again recently, and I was surprised to discover that I could not turn it any more. Also there was a bug in the Gazogem refinery at the last screen: the guy in white gown was stuck at the crank every time he went up the stairs, and the Magicball could not reach him there (at least there was the lightning spell that did the job).
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