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Holy fuck his convo with CB is scarily sincier. Allow me to say the following -
If this is a joke, I can say we will jointly kill you for making us feel bad anie

If this is serious, yet you havnt done it yet, then TALK with us, and others, and dont do it. Seriously man, after every period of difficulty theres a period of ease, regardless of what your life quality is like at the moment it could be a whole different world tomorrow if you really want to turn it out that way.
If you have done it already.... then ill save my words for when i really believe it. I hope you dont do anything silly man, cause your a cool guy, and it aint worth wasting your life like that, and we like you!

Morshem, pick up a phone book, and call people with his last name. Dosn't matter if theyre the right people the first time, untill you getto someone who does now him. Internet suicidal notes SHOULD be taken seriously, because Anakin may well have been serious. Morshem, if you manage to get into contact with anyone related to him (make sure they know who your talking about, explain some of his attributes clearly), ask them of his health (if he's fine, apologise but explain he spoke of suicide on the internet, and close the phone, dosnt matter if you look stupid, you did your job. Just make it clear in some way that he made a list of worrying suicidal messages).

I wonder, but could you call the army up and ask them if he has come back for service?

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