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Originally Posted by Archas View Post
The bug of the cars is fixed ?
I've bought it, but didn't try it, though it's safe to assume there's no car bug because it uses DosBox which never had that bug as far as I know.

Has anyone read the script yet? I have (used Google Translate). There are some things they changed in the final version.
I liked the part when Joe the Elf is tied to a tree in the party at the end (in order not to cause any more trouble) . They should've kept that in. Also, the gameplay was originally intended to be much more linear, the script mentions some restrictions which were eliminated, such as you couldn't use the elevator to go back to the surface or you couldn't visit Celebration Island until reaching a specific point in the game. And there's no mention of the dissidents, Rick or Johnny Rocket, so perhaps they added that plotline later. There are many small differences like that.
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