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Twinsen Day with Frederick Raynal & Yael Barroz

Finnally ive managed to get to an internet cafe after being denied internet access for two weeks, thanks to a)being in saudi arabia b)saudi telecom working on telephone lines in my region.

After 2 months of intensive projects (for uni) and exams, planning and preperation for my Trip to Lyon, on June 17th I finnally made it to Lyon, and checked in the Part-Diue Hotel. I think the moment the idea of meeting Frederick hit me just before landing, I was looking at the city LBA was born in. Yes, i spent a day (19th of June of 2006) with Frederick Raynal, and there are (only 2 pics of fred) pictures, stories, information, and much more. It was a personal visit, Fred at one point asked if i was going to visit Lyon one day, I said sure why not, and it was settled. We never talked about what we were going to talk about, just who we were going to meet.

Fred took me to LWS as promised, there we met many of the former LBA team. Sebestian Vianny stands out as being the most person we spent time with at that point, we even went to a little French resturant together, and talked over lunch. I got two LBA cards signed my several people.

We ended the day with a conversation about next Gen consoles, after walking through old town, at a little cafe to the right of the Palace Du Justice in old town (the one next to the Kareokee bar).

Before i came back, i felt obliged to visit the offices of LBA's birth. I was told off by people in the building, that didnt matter much, and i tool a picture (must add i was on the phone with darkflame looking for the officies, CHEERS TO DF)

The reason i do not yet have anything ready to seriously talk about is a)Im still building the Twinadv site from scratch myself, and Twinadv is how i usually communicate all the information b)I dont have internet, which sucks since some bigger files cant be uploaded. Im trying to send darkflame a picture of me, Frederick and Tom (my friend from bournemouth who acompanied me on the trip) taken by Yael Barroz (Freds wife, and "Library" as Fred puts it)

There is soo much that happened, anyway ill post it all when i get twinadv up and running again. For the record, no Breakthroughs , quite a bit of talk about LBA3 though. Again, dont mind the delay, there is nothing i can do about it.

Ahmad Ghourab

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