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Originally Posted by Axx
FINNALLY after a fucking half hour, the post new message page opens. fooking saudi internet.... Anyway, like i was going to say half an hour ago when i still had hair, why do you gies have to be so negative about LBA3. I never said the news was negative, and it isnt. Me and Fred and even Yael & Sebestian & Tom (my friend) discussed many issues regarding LBA3. I can only say for the moment it is positive, so keep you spirits up. Building Twinadv is almost impossible where i am, so excpect some delays. My plan is to have a simple site, no fancy features, and the petition section wont appear untill the second release. However the design will be new, simple, easy to navigate. I havnt built a site before, so I have no clue howlong this will take. Sometimes I do have the idea he isn't spending time on it that he could if he wanted.I also heard him say things like "I would like LBA3 to be made, but I don't think it would sell because it isn't realistic" (or something like "it's not a shooter/war game", anyway..) and I don't think that shows lot of confidence in this game anyway.I'm waiting for the pics and story too. I know you have to finish you website, but still it's painfull to wait this whole time Quite the opposite, he is spending time on it, quite a bit of time on it as a matter of fact (or thats the impression i got atleast)Also, regarding the second part of your post... well err.... heh youll be deligted to read the articles when im done writing them. My friend will send the pics to DF. I cant send it, hell i cant even download 100k files! Also, ill try my best to create twinadv as fast as possible!

Too bad for your connection, I really feel sorry for you.
You could just drop by and use my pc, but I guess that isn't really practical

Also I like the fact he is spending time on LBA3. I also like the fact he's positive about it.
I guess I can't really have an opinion just yet, so let's wait for the website to be done.
I must say I made a website for myself some while ago, although I didn't make the news-posting-php script, I do think it could be a (very, very) simple replacement for the twinadv.
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Did you know? Over 30 million people lurk the MBN every day. We who actually post here are like celebrities to them.
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