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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
As long as the forums are on, I'm happy
How much is this costing you each month btw ?
There is no exact amount as I host it on a VPS which also does a few other small things. Although making the server MBN only doesn't really reduce the cost much. So it's about 15-20 euros a month I guess (hosting + domain + backups).

Originally Posted by bloodhound View Post
For the main site everything except the forum looks like static content that doesn't require authorization, so a less daunting approach to upgrading/switching forum software might be to first replace them with HTML only, then change the forum software and migrate accounts, and then to step by step bring the static pages up to date.
That is kind of the approach I'm planning. Main site statically generated, with a "news" part still fed from the forum in some way. It is still not a trivial thing to change. Quite some time investment needed. For the static main page I'm thing about simply using markdown files and using some static site generator to convert it into HTML. Obviously I need to create an awesome LBA theme for that. I was thinking of putting the content in a github repo so others could contribute via merge request. But then I also need to work out a good construction to update the site when changes happen. For forum software the obvious choice is Discourse. For that I also need to create an awesome LBA theme. And it would result in losing some forum features. Switching to Discource (or any other newer forum software) will probably also result in higher system requirements, so increased costs.
Anyway, it's a lot of things to work out.

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