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I play it very few yet, but the only thing I notice missing was the Pan (but there is a workaround).
We usually Pan everything in a mobile now-a-days, and it's like a mandatory thing for me. I notice myself making Twinsen walk to diferent directions because of this.

For the workaround, you can Pan using Two Fingers together. It will use the Pinch feature and won't change the Zoom too much, giving the Pan behavior. It has slight issues that I hope they fix in the next updates.

As interface wise, I was expecting something more similar than the original game. There is a mix of new interface and old original interface that doesn't catch my eye.

Didn't like also the squared initial screens, but I understand why they did it.

The jump feature is really nice, this is for sure a great improvement. Still have the Magic Ball to test thought.

I do like the zoom feature, but understand what elmuerte says about it.

Well, need to play more the game, didn't get out of the Prison yet, so I will probably made a proper review after finishing the game. Also, I need to get the iOS version to play in the iPad in a bigger screen.

Edit: Just play a bit more and yes, there is a Pan feature, they actually say it in the first tutorial. Hope it will be fixed for a more smooth version.

In-Game zoom sceneric scenes are amazing
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