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Well, with Doctor Who the writers do change and it effects quite a lot so that's why I ask.

You should pick it up again though from Season 5 though, as the main writer changed then and I think he is much better. Lots dont like him, but he is certainly more to my taste (long proper story arcs over the seasons rather then just "magic words showing up" which the other guy did). Better resolutions. Tends towards more sci-fi/time-travel/crazy shit, rather then "using the premise to tell a story in a random historic setting with a monster" which can get dull after awhile.

Theres some genuine great episodes. I admit more "great silly" and just a few "great serious". But still, better then so-bad-its-good.
Then again, there's also episodes so-bad-it-swings-around-and-comes-right-around-to-bad again. I mean, really,really bad. So best use a best-of guide. Or avoid anything to do with a moon thats a egg. God that was a annoying episode.
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