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Post planning: update 25 march

current planning: deadline before 1 may:

1. 4 grids for O'brasilo
2. 1 grid for me ----desert island oasis
3. 2 grids for Kobold; - Inside Gavroche Afinoul's house (Baldino's house in LBA 2);
- Inside the cave in Mt. Chettevau;
he might do one outside grid extra.
4. Ricochet will learn the griddesign program
5. (!!) - Kieran and Kobold will try and make a simple overview of the story...what are the main events? --not meant to be in novelform- quite short and too the point really.
6. Sewer Grids by Quetch

** note: some things may change, but this is our 'goal' to achieve. I might do an extra grid or someone else might.

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