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Lightbulb Getting started

The Encyclopedia Twinsunica is now a wiki; it runs on MediaWiki software, the same as Wikipedia. This has many advantages, the most important of which the ability for everyone to instantly add and edit pages.

This page is only a short summary of where to find help and where to start contributing. Most information will be located on the Twinsunica itself, or in the help sections of MediaWiki or Wikipedia.

The following article is a guideline for writing for the Twinsunica, but is also generally a good read to see what it's all about:

For general information on Wiki and how to navigate through it;

For editing and adding new pages;

If you'd like to actively contribute to the Twinsunica, it's a good idea to frequently visit the following pages (located in the navigation bar):

In addition to the above links, I found the following pages very useful:

You should also read the Talk sections of articles whenever they're in use.
This MBN subforum should not have to be used very often, only for important subjects or about the site in general.

This way you can create your own 'work' and do what you'd like. Let us know if you run in any trouble or are not sure about something, we're glad to help.

Good luck and have fun!

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