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Safari Land

This is my second chain thread.

It is set after LBA 3.

Here is the start:

Twinsen stepped down from the boat he was travelling to Desert Island with. He ran through the town and then knocked on a door.
"Who is it?" shouted a voice "Twinsen!" Twinsen replied. The door opened and there stood Baladino, Twinsen's pal. "Hey Twinsen! Ready to go on this adventure to Safari Planet." he aked. "Yep! I'm ready!" replied Twinsen.
They went over to Baladino's ship and blasted off.
After 10 minutes they had zoomed in and landed on Safari Planet.
Suddenly there was a huge roar. A monster wanted to attack them. Luckily Twinsen had his magic ball. He summoned it. But then noticed the guns in the monsters arms...

What happens next? That's up to you!
He's back... and he's wild...


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