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Originally Posted by MrQuetch View Post
Although the formats are similar from PC to console, they are NOT exactly the same as far as I know. Similar, but different.

I'll be honest, I'd love to edit the models for Time Commando and play as Stanley in blue instead of yellow, but that'd need shifting the hues of his texture because his entire suit is a texture, NOT a color.

Actually though, each texture has a polygon color under it, you can play the game with the textures OFF, but I never do that because the textures bring out more detail in the game's overall style. This way, you can see the poly color and not poly texture, but I guess you could change poly color, but then you'd need to change textures if you want to play with a different colored texture.

I suggest you ask Battler, Zink, and Xesf, because they know much more about how the files are stored, and how they work, especially for LBA. Not much work seems to have been done for Time Commando yet, unfortunately.

By hexing though, I've figured out some of the entries for Time Commando in the LBA Package Editor - which can open up HQR files, and actually gave a list to Xesf so he can add them in the Package Editor list of indices.

Unfortunately, I never discovered anything too special, but I learned that Time Commando uses the exact same sound effect and image formats like the LBA games do. That being said, it should be similar for Alone in the Dark, but that uses PAK files instead of HQR files. Additionally, with all of this being said, you should be able to open up the models and view them with animations if they have the same / similar format as the LBA and AITD series do.

Xesf has a lot of custom programs on his sacred carrot website - you should check it out if you haven't yet.

So, it should be possible to edit the models for TC, and play the game with your modifications, but there is only one entry in an HQR for TC that contains the models - it's strange because LBA1 and 2 have HQR's that hold the models and animations separately from each other. For TC, they are all compressed in a single entry in an HQR - which really sucks, and I don't know how to 'uncompress' it even more (it's the same story for the hex that I've done for AITD, you should also check that thread if you haven't yet). Actually, AITD's PAKs' are more structured like the LBA's HQRs'.

I wish there was an entry for each model and animation in TC like LBA, but TC seems to have been compressed a 'second' time, and Xesf would know how that's stored I'm sure. Maybe he'll find a way to get those files 'uncompressed', and if he does, we can edit them like the LBA files.

I wanted to edit the models for TC like a year ago, but I could never figure out where what was located after extracting the entry which has all models an animations - it's too big to tell where anything is with the extra compression. Even then, if you DID hex a part of the code, you wouldn't be able to tell what you switched, and if you managed to switch something, a group of things would all be edited from changing one thing of binary code.

For example, in AITD, I changed one value, and it moved a group of vertices from Emily's head to the right - hand side of the screen.

Sorry for the big paragraphs, but I hoped this helps some with how it works. Xesf, I'm sure will be able to figure it out and have an executable to edit the files in the future.
Thanks for the long and detailed answer, MrQuetch.

I'm asking this because the Sega Saturn version of Time Commando is a mess with wrong and inconsistent color choices. Stanley for example has his face in the correct skin color but then his neck and hands are in a different brownish-like color which doesn't match his face. And many enemies are also like that.

Now that you mentioned about the models using textures, I noticed the textured parts in the models are all displayed in the correct color, but then the flat shaded ones have wrong colors so maybe it's not that difficult to make them match the correct colors in the textures.

Some pictures to show what I'm referring to.

Funny thing is, in the credits scene the Stanley model and some others appear with the correct matching skin colors! While some other character/enemy models show up way worse than they do in the game.
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