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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Whoah, technical How did you get so much knowledge on the subject ?
I suppose you mean me? Sorry for getting back to you so late (more than a year later!), I went back to this thread just by coincidence and saw your message.

I'm an enthusiast of the Sega Saturn console (and most Sega systems in general) and since I like the Fred games a lot, you can pretty much guess. When I figured out many years ago that there was a rare Sega Saturn version of Time Commando released in Japan, I went and bought it straight away. This version has always been very undocummented because of its rarity, many people don't even know it actually exists.

So, when I got the game... boy, you had to see the reaction in my face about what I got. I would have loved to see a conversion of a great Fred game like Time Commando (and wished about the Little Big Adventure games to make the way to this system too as was intended, but sadly never happend) making its way in a great shape and form to one of my favourite systems of all time... only to find this travesty of a port which is almost unbearable/unplayable.

It's that bad, and not because the console is difficult to program for, which it's, but also because the porting team (French company Virtual Studio) didn't even try. I mean, the Sega Saturn got many games graphically/technically more advanced than Time Commando faring out way better in the console. This one is clearly the prime example of how not to code for the systems and worst of all, release a game like this. It even has a fatal bug in level 8 which prevents you from completing the game! The only way you can actually finish the Sega Saturn version is by jumping to level 9 straight by password (which you can get from the PlayStation version since the Sega Saturn version shares identical passwords with that version). Lame.

Anyway, of course I have some expertise in the technical aspects of the Sega Saturn since I'm so fond of this console and therefore analyzed the many issues of its conversion of Time Commando during all the years I have had this version and played it throughout. It's not like I'm a programming/coding expert, quite on the contrary, but have informed a lot about how the console behaves and what's reflected about this in this particular version of the game, and well... that's how I tried to explain it to MrQuetch long ago when the topic arise, since he said something about changing polygon colors and wanted to see if that was also possible in the Sega Saturn of Time Commando to fix the mess of the miscolored graphics it has, which is one of its many bad issues.
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