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stuff I've found

hi guys!

here is some stuff that I found lately that maybe you didn't know about

if you reload while Twinsen is blowing Gawley's horn, he will reappear with the horn in his hand

you can speed up the game by pressing alt then f12 and then you let go of alt and you can move around really fast. It could be usefull in practice run to speed up cut scenes.

If you are playing the cd version you can use hotkeys for items:

clover : c
mecca : m
Gawleys horn : g
protopack : j
holomap : h
show fps : f
arm magic ball: 1
arm saber : 2

sadly these apparently don't work on the GOG version appart from the holomap wich is useless

btw what is the "swamp rat"?
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