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Everytime you post something on this forum it's like finding a wrapped up present, full of great new things. I'm gonna try these things out immediately. The hotkeys specifically i think would be of great use, instead of wasting time through inventory navigation. And this speed trick, it's nothing specific for dosbox or anything no?

About the swamp rat. The trick itself is when you're throwing your magic ball at the computer in the teleportation center, instead of destroying it with your magic saber. You do it when you're on your way destroying the telepods, by lining yourself up with the cables and hitting the computer with your ball from there. It saves much more time, unfortunately i have no video to show it in action.

As for the name itself, it's a misquote from Doc when he tried referencing the "womp rats" quote in Star Wars. He just called it the swamp rat trick, and i continued the misquote just to annoy him.
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