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Originally Posted by bloodhound View Post
I just played through LBA2 again (and had just as much fun as 20 years ago), although I was puzzled by what I saw in the Temple of Bù. I have the following questions:

1. What deity is the temple dedicated to?
2. Why are there skeletons of Rabbibunnies and why are they animated?
3. Why do the skeletons worship Meca penguins?
4. What do the fire-spewing statues depict?
5. Why do the statues change how they spit fire depending on Twinsen's behavior?

I don't think LBA2 gives any background there, so I tried to come up with a consistent theory:

In ancient times, the civilization of Zirla visited Twinsun to build the temple. Zirlans are very religious and their deity gives them the power to animate skeletons, which they did to the Rabbibunnies who at that time were the only race on Desert Island. The Zirlans look like animals walking on two legs, like the giraffe and ant in Otringal, and also like penguins, which is why the skeletons worship Meca penguins for thinking that they animated them. The statues are the deities of Zirla. Twinsen as the heir has a force in him to which Zirlans and their deities are susceptible, so when Twinsen changes his behavior he inadvertedly forces the statues to imitate his behavior.

How have you made sense of the temple? Do you think there's a better explanation or was more of the background explained in LBA1 or in an interview with the designers?
to the deity bu I think?
Or wait, the book of bu talks about sendell and the one, so maybe bu was a prophet
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