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Originally Posted by Battler View Post
This thread reminds me of when I made my attempt at reconstructing how the first area looked like before being buried by the sandstorm. Though I, too, fail to properly understand that place.

But the prophecy of Zeelich predicted that planet would be saved after the coming of Twinsen. FunFrock just hid that part inside his statue.
hard to explain, but I find the existance of zeelich very relevant for lba2, but not for the whole history of Twinsun.

Like, it feels like the story of lba 2 was thought out after lba1 was already made. So to say the temple of bu is influenced by something from zeelich would feel a bit weird, but it's just my feeling.

ofcourse it is part of the story now, since 1997, but I don't think there was any contact before between the planets
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