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TubeTwist eh? I should try that..

Yesterday I finished BlackThorne (avatar). Pretty good game. It's more or less a futuristic version of Prince of Persia.

The day before yesterday I finished Trauma Center: Under The Knife on Nintendo DS. Nice game aswell but maybe a little short. You have to perform surgeries in this game. It starts with some easy ones where you have to remove glass from an arm and have to stitch the wounds and stuff but later on there will be some kind of disease which you have to fight and this is where you will get real enemies in the form of diseases. One of the first real games where you really need to use the touch screen.

Also finished Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (you'd start to think I don't have a life eh? ) about a week ago. It's not really as hard as it would seem. You can easily hide behind a rock or a building, fire a shot and have all the guards run up to you so you can shoot them one after another...

Also still playing Animal Crossing: Wild World daily. Digging up fossils, selling fruit to pay for my house, and buying furniture and stuff which I don't have in my catalog yet.

There's a lot of games I have still lying around here which I should start playing, I should do that during the holiday...
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