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Greetings! And new LBA1 speedrun attempt...

Hi folks! I am an old-time LBA fan, I played the first game back when it came out ... I think I first played a demo version from the cover of PC Gamer or one of the old UK magazines.

I've been getting fairly interested in speedrunning old games for a while, and after doing quite well on Dizzy I started looking for something else. LBA caught my interest and I found the existing runs of LBA1 and 2 and thought maybe I could find some new improvements.

LBA2 seems fairly broken already and it'd be incredibly hard to improve on those times. So, I started messing around in LBA1 and found a bunch of new timesavers. I thought some people here might be interested in what I found. I'm still practising so I haven't yet got a new World Record although I'm down to around 2 hours for a marathon run which isn't bad for only my 3rd complete runthrough (this time around anyway! the first few times I completed the game years ago it took weeks...) And that 2 hours involves a lot of dying so I'm confident I can optimise this and beat the current records ... possibly even get sub 1 hour.

The additional tricks I've found beyond what already happened in those existing runs are as follows:

* Reload skip. This is used as early on as the shop on citadel island. This is down to the odd way the game's autosave functions: very frequently after completing what you came into a scene for, you can quit and reload to warp back to the entrance. As well as saving movement time this can avoid nasty encounters with some enemies.
* Death skip. Only used once in my run currently. Normally when you die, you teleport back to the scene entrance, as per reloading. However, if you didn't have any clover leaves left, you will respawn at a different location instead - generally wherever you entered the current island but this can vary. Often it isn't very useful but I am able to use this in the mutant factory to shave quite a bit of time off the journey back to the rabbibunny village.
* Map skip. When taking transport between areas, normally the game cuts to the holomap and shows your dotted line journey to the destination. You can normally exit this by pressing esc, however you have to wait for the map to fade in and fade out. However by holding down esc *before* you exit the scene, you can skip the fade in/out entirely.
* Temple of Bu. In the third area the slow puzzle with platforms and levers. I found a way to skip this puzzle with a glitch jump off some spikes. You don't even need to open the action menu to perform this, just hold down the right arrow key as you land on the spikes and you avoid taking damage and can jump again to get into the next area.
* French language. There's so much unskippable dialogue and it seems to read faster in the French language version. I haven't tested this fully but the French dialogue sounds better anyway. An even faster version might be to disable speech entirely - something I haven't tested yet.
* Pacifism. The original runners spent time killing a lot of enemies which I found ways to just run straight past. Of particular note are the two red groboclones on Principal Island - if you can open the gate fast enough they just ignore you and go back to their patrols. This also allows me to use the mechapenguin on a different enemy, thus saving even more time when I would have to use the magic ball which can be somewhat unpredictable.
* Money farming. It's way easier to farm money earlier on at the locksmith's house, and combined with the reload skip it becomes an extremely quick sequence. This avoids needing to pick up any money at all anywhere else in the game. However it's still optimal to raid the till at the library for 25 kashes because you can't do anything else whilst waiting for the rabbibunny to open the vault, and the reload skip there after reading the book avoids dealing with the guard that gets summoned. So I raid the locksmith's till one less time than otherwise.

Sadly I didn't find any more major sequence breaks or glitches than this ... not for want of trying! I have an idea to get the mutant factory early which could skip the entire tank sequence but this is all theory right now.

If anyone knows any other bugs or tricks which might help, please let me know. I've been reading quite a bit on these forums but it seems like there are so many great bugs in LBA2 but relatively very few in LBA1, but I would love to find more improvements.

As soon as I have a good video of a complete run I'll be sure to post it.

Oh P.S. I am posting in Member Announcements forum since the site doesn't allow me to post anywhere else as a new user. I registered to post this and really this thread should be in First Aid.

Thanks for reading!
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