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Thanks! Well I tried disabling voices altogether and this definitely saves a lot of waiting around with some of the slower dialogue. You can skip as soon as the text has all appeared rather than waiting for the voice to finish as well. I think it makes item pickups slightly quicker too even though they were already skippable.

I found another interesting improvement in Bu; in the third area when the boulder appears, instead of waiting for it to go past you can actually just hug the wall to the the south and run straight past it to get the switch earlier. A well-aimed ball to the switch makes it even faster. I'm experimenting with throwing the ball at the switches for the 3 platforms after that as well, as it's quite slow to run around and switch them by hand.

I really wish I'd been able to find any more major sequence breaks however, all I've been able to do is streamline the existing route, it's very tight and one little mistake can cost me all that time I've saved.
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