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Originally Posted by Obrasilo
1. Axx-effect
2. Lundblad The Impaler
3. Crack Daddy ChaosFish
4. CS2xtreme & Zodiac Zink
5. SnapperMan (Snapman)
6. OBrasilo Obliterator (it was obvious )
7. Alexfont Adonis
FYI, most of those guys just got EXACTLY FOUR NEW VOTES (I did, CS2x did, Obras did and Chaosfish did 100% and the others too I think, Snapman is closer to Pandy than he was before and Alexfont has really extended his lead)... Strange, don't you think...?
People like Coldplay, but they don't love them. People like U2, but they don't love them. But people fucking love Oasis. That's the way it is. It's more than the music.
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