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Recently finished - Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Awesome third game of the series. Finally got to play it, after I finished Pandora Tomorrow (SC2) and the original Splinter Cell for the 2nd time, I was able to get it for a decent price at last. Anyway, the game is a very cool sequel to the previous two. A few new elements are added and also a few are removed for simplicity's sake. A nice touch is the sense of ethics in the game - you can get through each mission without killing anyone, and sometimes you can do some extra things to make yourself feel better about yourself (like rescuing uncounscious friendly soldiers before you request an airstrike on their area as part of the mission). Mission succession percentages are given after each mission, which adds replayability if you didn't get 100% . As opposed to SC2, the graphics really improved, making it quite a heavy fucker. having a nice videocard is recommended.
I didn't try the online (co-op!!) mode yet, but it seems awesome.

Now playing - Deus Ex 2: Invisible War

This is the 3rd or so time I'm playing this through. It's just a nice game, even though it's more streamlined and less collosal as Deus Ex 1. The awesome graphics and physics make up for it. HL2 wasn't the first game with great physics, folks! And you can actually pick up and throw stuff around, which greatly increases the actual use of the physics in the game. Especially with the added strength biomod with max updates, you can have so much fun with the ragdolls...

Also playing - Dungeon Siege 2

I quite liked Dungeon Siege 1 for a single time playing through it - mindlessly hack 'n slash tons of monsters while you follow a predefined path and walk through the very thin storyline. Dungeon Siege 2 is more of the same, only much less lineair. The addition of teleporters enables - and requires - you to travel forwards and backwards to and from places, to complete either part of your current main quest (to continue the storyline) or one of plenty subquests. Quite nice, and will probably continue doing this every once in a while. It's not a game with a lot of feeling, though.
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