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The games I play now:

The Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind: One of the best RPGs ever made.
Thief 3, Deadly shadows: Altough the Splinter Cell games are also good I think the atmosphere in the Thief games is infinitely better. And you have to sneak through the whole game instead of getting an assault rifle and freedom to shoot everybody you see.
Battlefield 2: A great FPS. I really like the tactics part of this game.
LBA1 I don't think I need to tell anything about this game on this forum.

Games I wait for:

The Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion: Screenshots of the game look incredible and everything I've read about the game is great. The Radiant A.I. system sounds too good to be true. I know all of the information I've read is probably not true, but I have full faith in the developer team. All of the prequels of this game have been excellent and I believe this one will be too.
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