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Originally Posted by takashi_maze
I usually just mount the disc image in a virtual drive.
This is the solution I typically use for most games to reduce level loading times and such. For LBA1 and 2, the time to transfer the voices gets reduced to about one second

Originally Posted by takashi_maze
Actually if I remember right, you're not allowed to even download ROMs you own the original of because they will most likely differ from the version you purchased. The only legal ROMs are PD ROMs and legal MAME ROMs. I forget where but you can buy them online.
But Emulators are 100% legal. Of that I'm certain. So in theory, a No-CD crack would be legal too, providing it was for personal use on your own purchased copy on your own system.
That's partially right. If you want to stay legal, you're going to need to dump your own roms (such as with a Super Wildcard DX2 on a SNES or with an actual EEPROM reader).

No-CD cracks aren't illegal just for being No-CD cracks, they typically include copyrighted code (especially if the crack is being distributed as a patched executable instead of just a DIFF file). I can't remember offhand how the recent US laws affected circumvention of copy protection, though.

Edit - I really, really, REALLY want to see this copy of LBA2 that requires a CD key. Is it a beta/proto, an obscure warez release, or just a misunderstanding between No-CD and CD-Key? Screencap for the win.
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