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Originally Posted by FireBall2K
or Fable the point and click game?
Thank you for making me not the only educated person who knows there is another Fable. Too bad my cd of that is broken .

Anyway, finished Beyond Good & Evil a few days ago. Ending was better than I expected, they made a nice opening for a sequel. Also got some new games: Geist, Battalion Wars, Megaman X Command Mission, Billy Hatcher, Pokemon XD, Metal Gear Solid 2, Anachronox, Full Throttle, The Dig, Phantasy Star Collection and Sonic Rush.

Geist is pretty good, got some nice puzzles and also having a decent shooter on the gamecube is nice aswell. Battalion Wars is nice aswell, although same as with Advance Wars, it doesn't really get to me somehow. Haven't really played MMXCM much yet (it's an RPG and I really have to get into that), same for Pokemon XD, Billy Hatcher kind of disappointed me to be honest. I thought it would be more Mario-ish. I liked what I saw in screenshots, yet when playing it, the levels seems less like a world. there are also a lot of small islands and such so you can easily fall off a cliff and loose a life which I don't really like.

Haven't really tried MGS2, Full Throttle, The Dig and Phantasy Star yet (getting a lot of games at once doesn't really give me the time to play them all). Sonic Rush is pretty nice though but I don't really agree with some reviews saying it's the best Sonic ever. I mean, the bosses are pretty much the same every time, and playing with Blaze doesn't really put anything different into the levels, the only difference is that in my oppinion she is weaker and slower than sonic. The levels and bosses you have to play are still the same, only in a different order.
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