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Sonic Rush is pretty nice though but I don't really agree with some reviews saying it's the best Sonic ever. I mean, the bosses are pretty much the same every time, and playing with Blaze doesn't really put anything different into the levels, the only difference is that in my oppinion she is weaker and slower than sonic. The levels and bosses you have to play are still the same, only in a different order.
Thing is, those critism's can be leveled at every other sonic game.
The Boss's are certainly more diverse then Sonic 1. (allthough they are "cheap" that one type is repeated).

Blaze is by far the best secondary charecter since tales.
Her glide/fire move allows you to get to a few new places.

Its easily the best Sonic out of those I have completed (1,2,3,Knuckles,GG/MM 1)
I havnt played SonicCD though, which is generaly considered diffinitive.
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