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Originally Posted by Darkflame
Thing is, those critism's can be leveled at every other sonic game.
The Boss's are certainly more diverse then Sonic 1. (allthough they are "cheap" that one type is repeated).

Blaze is by far the best secondary charecter since tales.
Her glide/fire move allows you to get to a few new places.

Its easily the best Sonic out of those I have completed (1,2,3,Knuckles,GG/MM 1)
I havnt played SonicCD though, which is generaly considered diffinitive.
The bosses are indeed more diverse than in Sonic 1, but the standards were lower back then. Personally, I also like Knuckles better than Blaze and I liked Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles better than Rush. Probably also because I prefer the feel of being on a real island and stuff while in rush personally I had more of a feeling I was in a rollercoaster all the time. I have Sonic CD and imo it's not a really good Sonic game. The music and intro are cool though.

Anyway, just finished The Dig. Great point & click adventure, I recommend it to you all, especially those who liked Beneath a Steel Sky.
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