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I finished Geist a few days ago. Pretty good game. Some of the puzzles are really good and I like the idea of possesing animals and people to make your way through the levels (for example a cook can't go through some door with a scanner some point and you need to find a scientist who can).

Also finished Pokemon XD. It's more like Colosseum 2. A lot of the places you could visit in Colosseum are back, same music as in Colosseum, just a new story and more Pokemon to catch. Pretty good anyway.

Now playing Billy Hatcher. When you look at it at first you would think it is really a kiddy game because of the graphics. The game is kind of hard and frustrating at some point though. You really need to know the moves you can make with an egg to be able to play the game. There are also a lot of instand death places (pits, etc.) where you really quickly can loose a lot of lives and can start over again. I also think the camera can be a real bother sometimes, iit can really be too close to Billy sometimes so you're not really able to see the enemies around you very well. It's a nice budget game though.

Also started playing through the Legend of Kyrandia series. Currently still working on the first one. It's really too bad the games were kind of pushed to the background with Command & Conquer's succes. They are great games.
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