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- Twin_Sun: I'm sorry, but the key that fisherman gives you, is for the area with the Twinsun Café, and you have to go there, because they need a guitar there, and the grobo barman (I think he's also the owner of the Twinsun Café) tell you they can open you a passage, if you get their band a guitar.
Now, you have to go to Desert Island, talk to that old man sitting near the Temple of Bù, and give him the magic flute. He'll give you the space guitar he received from a meteorite in return, and he'll also make the Desert Island have flowers.
Then you go back to Tippett Island, to the Twinsun Café, and give the space guitar to the leader of that band. The grobo barman then opens that passage.

And this all is NOT optional, because this passage leads to the Dino-Fly, which you will need to reach the final two islands of the game - Fortress Island and Polar Island. Of course, he can only take you to Fortress Island, and not also to Polar Island, but you'll access Polar Island from Fortress Island, once you destroy FunFrock's fortress here.
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