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Originally Posted by Jasiek
Now for something different.
[emo mode]
I wonder, is there a fucking point in love? You find a perfect person, with an ideal charachter, beatifull and smart, witty, with interests in great things. And what do you do? You do as always when you find original, unique beauty, you love it. But why does no one ever care about that? Why does it have to be a retarded game, in wich someone who is an ampty shell of a person, who never knew love, who doesen't even really care, can get to the beauty? Why when you try and want someone the hardest, it is the hardest to get that person love you back? It stays a fucking game, in wich love has nothing to say, moreover it has to stay hidden, it's like an auction in wich you show a lot of qualities and nifty pick up lines. After a few years of that happening again and again I'm starting to loose faith that true, real and strong feelings and sincerity will ever get you any closer to the real beauty in people.

Fuck all that, let's just be freakin egoists.
[/emo mode]
* Jasiek has regained inner calm a day after posting this. Emotional safe guards have been put back in place - depression has been supressed(again), the victory of the mind against the emotions.
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