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There's a truth in there that comforts you, Jasiek. But the more you think of it, the more you can see that there isn't any goal in love or pleasure. Love and pleasure aren't goals, they're paths.
Dunno who said it, I guess Ghandi or something. "Life isn't a destination it's a path".
I thought of it very much too. I once had a nice girl who became my girlfriend, and in the exact phase where I thought "yay, hugging on my bed and kissing isn't just friends anymore" she stopped doing anything. We didn't talk anymore, just plain nothing, until today.
It's ignorance that's driving me insane. I don't know what happened, I don't know what to do or how to make this right anymore. In these very years of life people start to seperate their actual feelings and the things that they seem to be towards the others. It's all about knowing things. I don't know what happened there, but some of my friends do and they aren't telling anything. That's because it gives them power to have something I don't have, and it gives them the opportunity to create better friendships ('see I'm not telling him, so you can trust me').

Just two days ago I had this conversation with a girl. About a boy she met 2 days before, and she kissed him near a swimmingpool. Why? He seemed so pathetic when a couple kissed and he had no-one. *newsflash* That happens to more people out there. What a brilliant idea to even hurt him more and give him the only thing that can destroy such people - false hope.
And now she was fucking complaining about him following her and saying things that he loved her so much. Yeah, yeah, he should leave her alone. But no, it's not okay to tell him that - that wouldn't be nice, would it?

Anyway, I'm about to make this whole text way too long again. It's just what's bugging me.
Good night, blokes.
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