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Chrono Trigger - Unlike most of the seen contributors to this thread, I rarely post here, the reason being is that I rarely play games, and for like the past year or so, I've been playing the game Chrono Trigger, I tend to play like once a week at most, and sometimes doing pauses for a month or more. So I'm glad to announce that I've finally finished Chrono Trigger.

The game is shocking, in many perspectives. First of all the quality is superb, it's rarely that the game designers actually think of everything, but for this old SNES game, the producing team made an amazing job. Other great games for the SNES console are Super Mario, Zelda, Earthbound and others. But Chrono Trigger has got more than them. First of all, by doing a tiny bit of research, you can see that there are multiple (~15) endings, depending on when you decide to fight the final boss, and there are also different characters lines depending on which characters is selected and what quests are done/undone.

As can be read between the lines, the game is an RPG with what you would expect from a normal RPG, and there isn't many mistakes to it.

The game brilliantly uses time travel (and does so frequently), the fully optional side quests are quite many and they are all plot-strengthening, unlike some games whose side quests basically is to senselessly slaughter 100 extra monsters. As said the game outcome will vary depending on what side-quests has been completed etc.

Actually I had no idea games at that time ever where so nonlinear, due to it's enormous amount of different endings etc. and also great overall quality, it's not strange there still are huge fan forums where they still celebrate this game, and I think the actual trade mark name itself is probably worth several thousands.

The gameplay and fighting mode is creative, and you can in the very beginning of your game choose if you want time-based attack mode or "responsive" attack mode.

There are some minor flaws, but I omit them since they are as said minor.

I would like to end this with a music sample, it's the same tune someone else posted in the favorite game music thread.

Yearning in the Wind

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(image by leoboe! )

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