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I'm actually learning LBA2 now. Because I'm pretty close to having a perfect run in LBA in the single segment format. I have seen quite a few bugs in LBA2 from the segmented run posted on the SDA forums that would make the run interesting.

I have also found a way to get off the first Island in the first game to skip getting the first magic level. Unfortunately once you get to the second island because you haven't gotten the first magic level something weird happens with everyone speaking on the island. As such the Astronomer has a flag that is set when you speak to him but with the magic skip that flag doesn't trigger. I would really like to know how to fix this so I can go for the second magic level to see what happens.

I have also found 3 Out of Bounds in LBA but they aren't very much use as you die instantly when you touch the black void outside the map.
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