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Post The muli-medium mega movie rules and getting started thread!

Ok, the rules are very simple;

1. Anyone can contribute any scene from LBA1 made in any medium whatsoever.

2. Has to be uploaded to youtube in the best quality you can and marked as ¨creative commons¨ to allow others to use it.

2a. Please don't include background music - it will be much easier to edit everything together latter if theres no music already there. (if you want to do a version with and without music though, thats fine)

2b. You should also tag it ¨LbaMegaMovie¨ so we can easily find all contributions.

2c. Optionally, tag it with other relevant stuff such as the medium or mood of your scene. (Stopmotion, silly etc)

3. If you believe your scene belongs after one already uploaded by someone else, then ¨replay¨ to that video with your own.

Thats it

A few more notes though:
Although our goal is to make a complete movie, dont be scared of doing your own version of preexisting scenes if you have a alternative idea for it.
Have alternative versions or ¨paths¨ though a movie is pretty cool imho.

If anyone needs any technical help, let me know or ask below

Useful references and resources:

LBA 1 cutscenes;
(one video with all of them, Divx format)

CamStudio - Good tool for recording your screen, should work with both LBA games.

VirtualDub - Good software for file conversion, cropping, and some basic editing.

(more here:


Ok, once theres some scenes uploaded I will maintain a list of links below:

Titles -

CrudeFanspresentTitle (DF),LessCrudeRippleTitle (MatheusMK3)

Intro -

FlyingToTwinsun (DF)(updated),
Dinofly Lands Till Before Explosion (DF)

Dream -

Escape -


I figured the flying to Twinsun part could come before a introduction like the game has ("Twinsun is a relatively new planet...")

Remember, you can all submit new scenes, or alternatives to these, short, long, whatever
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