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The muli-medium mega movie voiceacting thread

This is a thread for anyone that either wants to contribute voiceacting, or needs some for the section they want to work on.

You dont need to use any if your making a scene and want to do it yourself, or are doing it "silent movie" style or something - people making the scenes can choose whatever they wish
But helps here if you need it.

People willing to voice act:

leoboe - Info: I've got a voice-mic (large-diaphragm-mic) so pretty good quality, and a rather low voice.

Hinatangel - Info: I love doing strange voices, so I think I could give voice to most female characters, from childs to grandmas. And since english is not my native language... I'd love to give the voice that extravagant intonation that is sometimes used in the game

Chal - Info: I own a large-diaphragm-microphone and thus have a pretty good recording quality. My mother tounge is german but I've been told that I my english is very good and sounds like a mixture of german and british accents. You can hear a sample of my voice here.
StreGGy - Info: I'm Italian but my accent is not the in the godfather movies. i can emulate a decent American English accent and even a kinda forced British English. if u want i can even do funny voices and accent, like that of a gangster, Spanish or French. i also have some acting experience, both evil and good.characters, funny and dramatic. honestly I'd love to help because I'm not playing anything since last summer

Maliavot - Info : I would LOVE TO do some voice acting! I'm not english though... I'll give some samples soon.

Contact them via pm, or post a request below.

If your a voiceactor, state below what you want to do and I will add you too the list?
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