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Well, ZoƩ's diary in LBA 2 says the LBA 1 events happened "a long time ago".
Now, granted, it could still be as little as 10 years, but remember, in real life, World War II. lasted only 6 years, and World War I. lasted 4 years. The Korean War that this is loosely based on, lasted only 3 years.
Also, the North-South isolationism and cultural separation was a byproduct of FunFrock's policies. After all, LBA 1 clearly says FunFrock isolated the northern hemisphere and at least tried to expel the population to the south, though at least the population of Tippett Island seems to have stayed, plus the rabbibunnies camping on Fortress Island. And we also don't know what was going on in parts of Brundle Island which we never saw, though even in the part we did see, one rabbibunny still lived.
And we know the Halamayi Mountains already served as a barricaded border during FunFrock's times, maybe even before, as it seems there are only three ways to cross the Hamalayi mountains:
1. The Hamalayi metro, which was only recently constructed as of LBA 1;
2. The Sacret Carrot passage, guarded by the Rabbibunnies;
3. A Dino-fly, which however only The Heir can use.
And we know 1 and 2 were unusable under FunFrock since he heavily guarded the area and refused to let anyone through.

Now, it's only reasonable presume that the people who remained in the north, having had no contact with the south during all the time of the FunFrock rule, and most likely only sparing contact before, were quite different. The geographical distance helped the isolation and separation too.
Also, it wouldn't be surprising if the two hemispheres were also ruled separately before FunFrock, thus making the post-FunFrock separation a natural continuity.

So we have the following factoring in:
1. The likely separation and almost isolation before FunFrock, due to the difficulty of crossing the Hamalayi mountains - though the appearance of common cultural elements, such as the Runic Stones, on both hemispheres points at existing contact;
2. The complete separation and isolation during FunFrock, due to to the closure and barricarding of the Hamalayi mountains;
3. The north's reluctance to accept southern rule due to not having experience with southern rulers other than FunFrock.

And remember, the thing that united the north and the south, which was the old culture and the Cult of Sendell, was banned and almost eradicated under FunFrock, and that would also loosen the ties between the two hemispheres.

Now, it seems logical that the leaders that took over the two hemispheres after FunFrock's defeat, would be successors to the leaders that ruled over them before FunFrock, and it's reasonable to presume that while the original two post-FunFrock leaders grew up in the era before FunFrock, their successors grew up during the FunFrock era and thus have ended up seeing the world in radically different ways, but while the old ways survived in the south due to prolonged contact with the old culture even in defiance of FunFrock's bans (see the Principal Island Library giving secret access to the scriptures in their possession, and so on), they were lost in the north ways and replaced with a militarism that was taught by FunFrock.
Also couple that with the fact that the north would have a significant amount of former FunFrock loyalists, from the factories and so on, especially as they had no way to escape to the south after Twinsen destroyed the Teleportation Center, and they would have varying beliefs, from condemnation of FunFrock, to loyalty to FunFrock, and even to believing in the same core doctrines FunFrock believed in but disagreeing with FunFrock's interpretation. Also northerners who wanted revenge against the south for FunFrock's ways.
All in all, a very complex situation, akin to that on the Korean Peninsula after World War II., where you had communists, fascists, Japan loyalists, democrats, etc.
We see something akin to that in LBA 2 too, on Zeelich, with elite Sups, loyalist Wannies, neutral Francoes and dissident Mosquibees.
Similarly, in LBA: The Great Rebellion, we have this situation in both hemispheres: the elite, the loyalists, neutral people, and the rebels. Or, from the anti-FunFrock POV: the elite, the fascists, neutral people, and the good guys.
Now, in the north, the elite just so happens to be mostly Northern Fascist with the exception of the older generations who grew up in the pre-FunFrock era and are mostly neutral pacifists.
In the south however, the elite, thanks to culture preservation in defiance to FunFrock's bans, is on the side of the good guys.
And as soon as the Northern Fascists take power in the north thanks to one of them just so happening to be the son of the just-deceased northern monarch, all the dialogue and good relations between the two halves on the planet just disappears.
And that's why the conflict beings.
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