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Twinsen Huge fan of LBA 2, never really played the first

Hello fellow LBA fans!

As the title reads, I'm a huge fan of LBA 2. Played it ever since I was a little kid and still enjoying it to this day.

I've given the first LBA a try a few years ago but I found it really hard to enjoy it. It was very action based and I got frustrated by some things, like running against a wall already does damage (this happens so easily), and the start of the game where each mistake meant a complete restart was pretty annoying to me too. Is the first part of the game just not so good compared to the rest of the game? I tried it again a year ago but again I really couldn't find the motivation to keep playing. But since I'm a huge LBA 2 fan, and since a lot of you guys seem to love LBA 1, I figured I should REALLY give it a good try again.

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