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Ya know I was about to make a topic called Minecraft too

I was going to ask what people thought of it and what crazy things people have made in it.

Anybody able to re-create an LBA scene with Minecraft? after all LBA uses bricks in a very similar way to the way you can place bricks down in Minecraft.
I'm sure its possible to re-create an LBA map in it.

Minecraft updates on Fridays but recently the developer Notch has had trouble with Paypal because the amount of donations he's recieving for his game has made Paypal suspect him of criminal activities or something.
- Paypal say they could lock his account and take any money stored in it.. which was roughly 600,000 euros.

Update: Notch has updated the game again so more things have been unlocked for multiplayer.

If anybody wants to try multiplayer with your own hosted servers easily, I recommend getting Hamachi (LogMeIn_Hamachi) which is VPN program for making LAN networks over the internet. Simply join a channel on Hamachi and copy the server hosts IP in the multiplayer join of the game and you'll connect.
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