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Originally Posted by Zink View Post
gravel22, I think you should first try and find the points for yourself, before you start making the speedrun. I think that would be more... honest

As for the ending credits, I don't think it's an ending to the game. I would rather call it a secret second ending. The first ending is to bring the key to the cellar to the bartender, go into the cellar, see what's there, return back up and talk to the bartender (he will say something about having to wait for the full game). This is the designed ending of the demo. To make the speedrun not too short and easy, you may include going to the top of the lighthouse and riding the horse (the cellar should be that last thing you do).
I haven't talk back to the grobo after visiting the cellar, so I never saw that ending! I'll check again but I know one time he gets back the blue ball and I didn't saw any ending credits there.

A 100% run means 100% of the inventory taken which looks like to be the horse meal, key and ball which are the only objects you can take!
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