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Originally Posted by MevX View Post
I didn't expect such a nice suprise on MBN this day. So much content is already put into place on Citadel Island, I am very impressed! Definitely looking forward to seeing further progress made, and perhaps the addition of a legacy camera option?
Check out the editor mode, you can use it to switch to any location in the game. Legacy camera option should not be too hard to implement, but it's not on the top of our priority list at the moment.

Originally Posted by MevX View Post
Also is there any way that somebody like me could help with the project, perhaps something easy as reporting bugs?
We're always welcoming any help. We're thinking of maybe open-sourcing it, but it'll require writing a bit of documentation first and cleaning up some stuff.
It's too early for bug tracking. We're aware of the major bugs and missing features and have a lot to do with just that.
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