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Originally Posted by El_Muerte View Post
You mean copyright of the games vs ownership of the intellectual property?

First of all, I won't if EA, Activision and Virgin have any copyrights on the game. Just regional exclusive distribution rights.

For LBA1 it clear states copyright for the software (=game) belongs to Adeline Software, and the manual's copyright is owned by EA. Same goes for LBA2.

Since Fred has no problems with redistribution of the games as freeware and assuming he owns the rights it is ok to redistribute.

Now... if we can get an official statement from Fred that the games are now released as freeware it will be easy to distribute through various channels (like
It would be best if we made special images with all required stuff included (autorun + proper installer and documentation for various non-Windows/Dos machines, etc.)
I can try to secure such a statement, but Im more than sure he dosnt mind anyway.
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