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Digital Archaeology: studying the source code of old game engines

Hi there!

My name is Felipe Correa da Silva Sanches and my most commonly used nickname is "Juca". I am a 34 years old Brazilian computer programmer and software freedom activist. I've been first invited by Alexandre Fontoura (xesf) to join the Magic Ball Network forums back in 2010 or so. Apparently I did not do so back then... :-P

I have contributed (just a tiny bit) to the development of the Twin-e project on GoogleCode (nowadays on GitHub). That's how I first met AlexFont online.

I have a strong interest in old computers and games, but most of my interest is in the technical aspects of the games, rather than actually playing them. I have just a small number of games that I really loved playing, and it obviously includes LBA2. (I never played LBA1 completely though - yet?) The other few titles that shaped my childhood gaming experiences are:

* Pinball Fantasies
* Another World / Out of This World
* Lemmings
* Stunts
* Prince of Persia

But as I was telling you, what I really love doing on my freetime nowadays is studying the inner working of those magical pieces of technology from the past. For that reason I have been contributing to MAME (the all-famous arcade and retro-computer emulation project) for some time.

I have developed experimental coding projects related to most of the games mentioned above, some of which I already talked about at (most of the content there is published in Brazilian Portuguese, though).

Last week I got back to hacking on the Twin-e codebase for fun and I ended up noticing that another person was also becoming interested in the project in the same week. I am happy to see that Solarix is also joining the MBN forums with similar interests. (I wish I could mention users by nickname - such as doing @solarix - here and have them receive email notifications) I hope we can have more fun exploring these things together.

Happy Hacking,
Felipe "Juca" Sanches

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