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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
That is just so cute !

Man, I feel really bad now, you produce these amazing things, and the first thing I do is nitpick
It's all good! Don't feel sorry . I can assure you that I didn't feel offended by your comment

I am pretty critical of myself. There are many flaws in the movie - character animation being the weakest. It's too wooden. But I have no major problem with that as it's only a fan project.
I hope people who see it will find something nice in it, something they will like despite all these flaws.
For my part, I can add that working on this film was the most fun of all the personal projects I have worked on When I started working on this movie, I didn't think I would ever publish it (as I don't share my personal projects).
But when I had a few minutes of the movie, I thought it would be worth posting when its finished

Originally Posted by bloodhound
Crazy how long the rendering times are, hope it’s not all the time that after waiting 40 hours you discover that you want to change one little thing
It happened sometimes Fortunately, only a handful of takes took 20-40 hours to render. most of the movie rendered relatively quickly
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