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Question about Dark Monk prophecy last part

"... and when the stranger appears, alone capable of reuniting the four keys, Dark Monk will oppose... the ultimate celebration the monsters and the gas will disappear... in forgetfulness Dark Monk will go... ... and life will Zeelich regain..."

Something I never understood. If Dark Monk was the one who said "Easy, Twinsen, be careful. It's not the time to break this precious fragment!!",then why does the prophecy say he will oppose the stranger(Twinsen)? And even if it wasn't Dark Monk who said it why would he oppose Twinsen if Twinsen was trying to stop an imposter like Funfrock using his very own name?

This part I really don't get ; "in forgetfulness Dark Monk will go". Why would Dark Monk become forgetful all of a sudden?
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