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I think the character design for funfrock really has worked out great.
You can't make any mistake he IS the badguy. That awefull jaw and the way it moves when he is laughing.

He looks hidious and that is what makes him work so well. He looks so different from other characters in the game that you can identify him just by only looking at his silhouette. (I can't help it but the boogeyman from the nightmare before cristmas always makes me think of him and vice versa).

Specially the mouth

I also love the esmers specially the scene in LBA2 where they are coming out of the shuttle and the only thing you can see IS the silhouette and the red eyes lighting up until they are completly out of the shuttle. When i was young i always found it a bit scary... They just look so evil from the first second you see them. You just KNOW that they are evil from the beginning even trough they try to convince you that they are coming in peace.
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