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Hm but you insulted CB to because he cannot write, I did that too. I do not care about that. It is very normal to make light jokes about someone when you get the feeling he is not very smart. He also made himself unpopulair by his attitude wich was almost as bad as ET's atitude. It was the desision to make flame a guy just for investment that crossed the line. Come one do not play mister innocent because you never called him an idiot as far as I know and you stopped the insults when I asked. You never did something wrong in my opinion. But saying ET is cruel just because he made fun out of cb is just unacceptable since you and I and everybody did that. And that is not bad. When someone writes bad english, has a kingsize atitude and feels like to be the boss (hey, damn I see myself in here lol j/k) and is insulting towards other members (forgotten the name of the member) and just never understands someone's post and is irritating other people, you can make fun of him untill it becomes to serieus (and ET crossed that line).