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Guyz, I'm learning Sociology and History in a special unit in my school.
We focus on people's reactions to social events (it sounds better in Hebrew)

I just thought you might wanna know that every fucking reply to this thread fits EXACTLY to the form of the average social group. There are a few "chain-reactions" that can be completely predicted in every culture or group of people.
For example, we studied about ONE event in Poland, once, and we had to predict what the social events followed by that event will be... That's basically what we do, and my assignment was to try one event (I chose social-ban, cause that's the subject I usually like focusing on) in a forum in the internet, because usually people get hurt less or not at all in internet forums (luckily CB wasn't hurt at all).
And, well, it worked great.
I started a chain reaction first time I started laughing at CB. I picked him because I saw some people already didn't like him too much, so I thought he'd be an easy catch. Besides, his English was quite a thing to laugh at (no offence).
After that people started laughing at CB, and not just small comments about him, but real long threads.
At that point I assumed El will interfear, but he didn't... So I had to take it a little further than that, and then I started that killing thread... That didn't work too so I thought I'll just write "CB you're an idiot" or something like that, and that did the trick because it wasn't funny, something I should've thought of earlier... Just lose my charm and be an idiot. Once I became an idiot who just curses someone, Jesse jumped in, and that was, as I said, waht I was waiting for. Phase 3 - what we call in our class - "God-like Interference". The holy saint comes to defend the powers of justice, all that. Once everybody in this forum sees that somoene dared to speak against the "events-leader" (AKA me), they all gather around and say stuff like "I don't think it was in place", "you're such a bastard", "shame on you, tzk tzk". The very same guyz who just recently cracked up reading all the jokes, are now teaching the events-leader some valuable lessons, since it seems like "the law" does not aproove with his jokes.
Just goes to show you how horrible is the life of a Jester.

And to the final phase - "social ban". Jesse then called "the big chief", El, who gave the punishment to the Jester. And thus ends the great loop of social events we like to call "The Jester Syndrome" (Yea we have a lot of nicknames for stuff)
The Jester swifts peopel with him towards social ban of one of the people in the forum/country ==> The Jester "loses his touch" (what didn't happen to Hitler, btw) ==> People no longer needs him because he is no longer funny ==> "The law" interfears and takes bannes the Jester away.

This does not come to show that the Jester is not to blame, not at all. He is very much to blame, but so are the people who didn't try to stop him and played along. You know who you are.

Thank you for this great experimental year, it's been a great fun. And if you have some sense in your heads, I bet you'd rather try think where you went wrong than blame the Jester.
And you don't need to ban me, El, cause I'm not gonna attend the forum anymore. I don't think someone who revealed people here for what they are can be welcomed. Just another thing history's taught us

Hoping any of you got anything from this,
Evyatar Halimi (aka Evil-Twinsen)
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